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Globalize This! In October 2000, Common Courage Press Will Publish Globalize This The Battle Against The World Trade Organization And Corporate Rule, A Collection Of Essays That Analyze Demonstrations And Deliberations In Seattle And Beyond In Stark Contrast To The Media S Partial And Distorted Portrayal Of The WTO, World Bank And International Monetary Fund IMF , Editors Kevin Danaher And Roger Burbach Have Compiled Articles That Reveal How These Institutions Enforce Policies That Are Destructive Of Human Rights And The Environment In Globalize This , Some Of The WTO Opposition Movement S Brightest Activists Show How These Institutions By Pushing For Increased Globalization Threaten Diversity, Labor Rights, The Environment, And Democracy Itself For Instance Paul Hawken Author Of The Ecology Of Commerce Artfully Weaves Together The Street Protests And Policy Debates In His Memoir Commentary On Seattle Susan George Of The Transnational Institute Shows Why, Although Seattle Was A Defining Moment For The Grassroots Democracy Movement, It Must Be Built On Immediately Because The Elites Who Want Increased Global Trade Will Lose No Time In Regrouping Betita Martinez Explores How To Improve The Diversity Of The Movement To Organize People Of All Cultures Against Undemocratic Globalization The Environmental Research Foundation Focuses On How Trade Policies Have Affected The World S Environment And Our Health Walden Bello Takes On The Fundamentally Undemocratic Process Of Th WTO And William Greider, Writer For The Nation And Rolling Stone, Shows Us How To Take An Offensive Stance In Battling The WTO.This Book Demonstrates Why The WTO, World Bank IMF Must Be Stopped With Its Rich Information About How To Become Part Of The Opposition Movement, Globalize This Also Shows Us How To Stop Them.