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Volley Balls (Balls to the Wall #1) David Underwood Needs To Go To AA Alpha Lovers Anonymous His Last Attraction To An Alpha Male Got Him Into An Abusive Relationship, And Now Ogling Two Hot Members Of The Australian Volleyball Team On Laguna Beach Gets Him Harassed Yet Again Australian Gareth Marshall Needs To Come Out A Lifetime Of Hiding His Orientation From His Best Friend And Volleyball Partner, Edge, As Well As Everyone Else Around Him, Has Left Him Hurt And Frustrated When Gareth Gets A Load Of David Posing Nude As The Michelangelo Statue In The Famous Laguna Pageant, He Knows His Days In The Closet Are Numbered And David Is Than Willing To Help Him Take The First Step Out Of The Dark.But Gareth S Teammate, Edge, Has Secrets Of His Own, And David S Ex Lover Will Never Be Happy Without David Under His Thumb With Everything Stacked Against Him, Can A Gay Laguna Man Find Happiness With An Alpha Male Or Two