Read ✓ Under the Mermaid Angel By Martha Moore –

Under the Mermaid Angel Thirteen Year Old Jesse Leads A Pretty Boring Life In Just About The Most Boring Place In The Universe Otherwise Known As Ida, Texas She Cannot Forget The Death Of Her Baby Brother Seven Years Ago, And How She Just Couldn T Pray For Him When He Was Sick She Never Talks About It Though, Not Even To Her Best Friend, Which Is Something She Doesn T Have, Anyway But All That Changes When Roxanne Moves Into The Trailer Next Door Thirty Years Old, With Her Fake Fur Coat, Wild Red Hair, And Romantic Notions, Roxanne Is A Revelation To Jesse Why Has She Moved To Ida, Of All Places Their Growing Friendship Will Change Jesse S Life, Giving Her Back A Vision Of Hope Beyond The Mundane World Around Her.