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Gbesu Wema Kulito Vol I PrefaceThis Wema Book In Fongbe Is Written For The Sinzofinme Or People Who Have Arisen From The Ashes These Are The Formerly Enslaved And Colonized Afrikans Who Are Trying To Map Their Way Through This Physical World Through Proper Afrikan Spiritual Practices Gbesu, In Fongbe, Is Divine Law And Also Law Of The Universe Gbesu Kulito, In Fongbe, Are The Divine Laws Of The Vodun West Afrikan Ancestors That Were In Existence For Thousands Of Years Before The Internal Break Down That Led To The Enslavement Of Over 100 Million Afrikan Bodies, And The Disruption Of The Health Of Afrikan Nationhood Through The Dismantling Of The Afrikan Family This Book Is Especially For The Nawonkuvo Me, Or The People Who Are The Descendants Of Enslaved Afrikans, Who Are Striving For Good Character And Wish To Seek A Solid Spiritual Foundation By Way Of The Teachings Of Danxome Vodun Though Vodun Is The Primary Source And Inspiration For The Content Of This Book These Teachings Can Be Applied To And Are Often Found Within Other Afrikan Traditions In Other Forms In These Times Of Cultural And Spiritual Warfare, Protection Of The Afrikan Soul And Spirit Is Of Paramount Necessity However, There Is A Great Sense Of Void When Afrikan Are Asked To Apply Their Overstanding Of The Soul And Spirit From Our Perspective The Lack Of Articulation Able Ness Is Often Due To Simply Not Overstanding The Concepts Or Not Knowing How To Articulate It Both Of The Former Is Due To The Great Disconnect Between The People And Their Beloved Spiritual Systems Matters Of Logic, Syllogistics, Spiritual Logistics, True Perceptions Of Space Time, True Overstanding Of Matter, The Effects Of The Binary Energies Of Sacred Afrikan Sciences Both Subtly And Overtly On People And Situations, Kwk Are Hardly Discussed Within Afrikan Spiritual Cycles Thus, We Now Have A Tradition Of People Who Are Heavily Dependent On Animal Sacrifices And The Like Without Overstanding Its Science Or The Science Of Spirituality In General.This Book Is Intended To Kick Start The Individual Afrikan Souls Into High Gear Toward Attainment Of Destiny It Is Our Opinion That One Cannot Overstand And Properly Practice A Culture Of Deep Spiritual Science Without Overstanding Spirit And The Soul The Results From This Have Been Fleeting Successes Here And There And Temporary Spiritual Attainment Gbesu Wema Kulito Volume I Is Written For The Afrikan Who Wishes Permanent Spiritual Attainment For Them And Their Family With The Institution Of The Afrikan Family Constantly Under Attack Through Media Manipulation, Degenerate Suggestions And Encouragement, The Attempted Forcing Of Deviant Lifestyles On Us, Kwk The Principles Of Gbesu Wema Kulito Are A Must This Book Is Intended For The Individual And Family To Raise And Keep Raised Their Spiritual Aptitude To Be Passed On Inter Generationally The Gbesu, Or Divine Laws, Are Not Static Therefore, In That Spirit, This Book About Them Is Meant For You To Expand On Its Principle Adding That Much Mewi Gla Fongbe For Afrikan Black Power To Its Ever Developing Corpus Hence, The Very Fact That You Are Reading This Book Means That You Are Part And Parcel Of Our Efforts To Uncover The Veil We Salute Your Efforts.

  • ebook
  • 70 pages
  • Gbesu Wema Kulito Vol I
  • Ayinon Ahosu Djísoví Agbòví I
  • English
  • 09 April 2018

About the Author: Ayinon Ahosu Djísoví Agbòví I

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Gbesu Wema Kulito Vol I book, this is one of the most wanted Ayinon Ahosu Djísoví Agbòví I author readers around the world.