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Desolation Asher St Paul Thought It Was Just A Typical Zombie Apocalypse Like In The Movies, Until The Necromancers Crawled Out Of The Woodwork Since The Undead Have Chased The Living Into Hiding, The Necromancers Are Able To Roam Freely In A New America Of Their Making Asher Is Seeking Safe Harbor The Need For Safety Is What Drove Him From His Home In Philadelphia Pennsylvania Before It Was Shelled He Has Searched From Quarantine To Quarantine, Always Finding Them Overrun With Zombies Until He Hears Of The Refuge, A Military Compound In Binghamton New York With His Family And Lover Lain To Rest By His Own Hand, He Has Nothing Left To Lose And Gives Everything He Has To Reach The Safe Haven But Questions Arise When He Reaches The Refuge, Mainly, How Has He Been Able To Sustain Multiple Zombie Bites And Not Change He Thinks He Has Found Safety In The Military Compound Turned Quarantine, But He Was Wrong Even Now There Is A Necromancer Trying To Make The Refuge Their Kingdom Of The Dead.