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Master Prince (Book 2) Mitchell Prince, Is A Dom With An Attitude He S The Chief Counsel Of Knight Enterprises And Has A Private Practice In Dallas, Texas, Which Keeps Him Busy He S Also A Co Owner In Club Tabu And Tends To Watch And Monitor Than Have A Sub Of His Own He Has Yet To Find The Right Partner To Fulfill His Darkest Desires To Control And Challenge Him Physically And Mentally.Guilianna Hathaway, Nicknamed Anna By Her Closest Friends, Is No Princess But Can Play With The Big Boys In The Courtroom She S A Hard Edged Attorney Representing Women And Children Her Latest Client Files A Civil Suit Against Club Tabu And The Owners For Negligence Due To An Alleged Rape And Assault Of Her Client By Another Patron Of The BDSM Club She S Curious About The Goings On In An Establishment Catering To The Abuse Of Women, Or What She Assumes Happens There And Returns To The Crime Scene For Research And Is Stunned And Shocked By What She Finds Once She Meets With Mitchell Prince At Club Tabu, Not Only Is She Attracted To The Tall, Dark And Handsome Attorney Representing The Club, She S Also Drawn Into The BDSM World Discovering She Has A Submissive Nature Is A Revelation She S Willing To Explore With The Right Dom, That Is.Will Mitch And Anna Plead The Fifth And Follow The Laws Of Nature Rather Than The Laws They Uphold In Court