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Prog Rock FAQ FAQ Prog Rock FAQ Traces The Controversial, But Much Misunderstood Musical Genre Through Its Five Decade History, Highlighting The Rise, Eventual Decline, And Recent Resurgence Of One Of The Most Inventive And Storied Popular Musical Forms Of The Latter Half Of The 20th Century Prog Rock FAQ Digs Deep To Deliver A View Of Progressive Rock As You Ve Never Known It Technical Wizards, Cosmic Messengers, Visionary Producers, Groundbreaking Album Cover Illustrators, And Even Innovative Musical Instrument Vendors Separate Memory From Myth, Fact From Fiction, To Recount Prog Rock S Most Historically Significant Milestones And Little Known Tales This Interview Rich, Unapologetic Volume Addresses Topics Taboo And Burning Alike, While Welcoming The Reader On An Enthralling Journey Replete With Rapturous Visions, Wondrous Stories, And Endless Enigmas.