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Sex at the Margins This Groundbreaking Work Explodes Several Myths That Selling Sex Is Completely Different From Any Other Kind Of Work, That Migrants Who Sell Sex Are Passive Victims, And That The Multitude Of People Out To Save Them Are Without Self Interest.Laura Agust N Makes A Passionate Case Against These Stereotypes, Arguing That The Label Trafficked Does Not Accurately Describe Migrants Lives And That The Rescue Industry Disempowers Them Based On Extensive Research Amongst Both Migrants Who Sell Sex And Social Helpers, Sex At The Margins Provides A Radical Analysis Frequently, Says Agust N, Migrants Make Rational Choices To Travel And Work In The Sex Industry Although They Are Treated As A Marginalised Group, They Form Part Of The Dynamic Global Economy.Both Powerful And Controversial, This Book Is Essential Reading For All Those Who Want To Understand The Increasingly Important Relationship Between Sex Markets, Migration And The Desire For Social Justice From The Back Cover