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The Dick Cheney Code A Bestselling, Harvard Bred Humorist Plans To Knock Out A Slapdash, Quick Buck Parody Of A Wildly Successful, Head Spinning, Clue Laden Thriller In A Flagrant Attempt To Cash In On The Publishing Sensation Of The Decade, But The Tousle Haired Satirist S Sleazy Scheme Goes Awry When His Two Heroes Beautiful, Brilliant Sandra Damsel And Brawny, Brainy Professor William Franklin Stumble On An Explosive And Frankly Preposterous Centuries Old Secret That Plunges Them Into A Puzzle Packed, Plot Crammed, Prose Swollen Washington Intrigue Whose Flabbergasting Finale Will Determine The Outcome Of The 2004 Presidential Election Cryptic Praise For The Dick Cheney Code 1, 1 Highest Rating The Fibonacci Report Hysterical Lacey Shirt Anagram Monthly I Laughed So Hard I Xxxxxx In My Pants Redacter S Digest I Bend Over Double I Hold My Sides I Tickle My Ribs I Slap My Thighs Mime Magazine Three Syllables, Sounds Like Upper Arm Broken Arm Broken Bone Radius Humerus HUMOROUS Charade Magazine Too Funny For Words 9 Letters, Starting With P, Ending In S Acrostic Review