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The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Cold War A Comprehensive Look At The Hundred Year History Of The Cold War, From The Rise Of Lenin And Communism To The Foreign Policy Of George W Bush CNN S 24 Part Series, Telecast In Late 1998, Is Still Alive And Well On CNN Interactive Who Says The Cold War Is Over Heard About The Collision Between The Chinese Freighter And The U.S Navy Spy Plane New York Times Political Columnist Maureen Dowd Said In April, One Veteran Cold Warrior Who Served Under Several Presidents Told Me He Was Shocked That Bush II Had Refrozen The Cold War The Cold War International History Project Website At The Woodrow Wilson International Center For Scholars Has Up To Date Info On Books Published About The Cold War, As Well As Conferences, News, Etc.The Complete Idiot S Guide RM To The Cold War Covers Origins Of The Cold War Karl Marx, The Treaty At Versailles, The Great Depression, The New Deal, And World War II The China Lobby And The Marshall Plan, American Caesar In Korea And Tail Gunner Joe The Birth Of Talking Head Journalism Those Happy Days 1950 S The Cuban Missile Crisis And Death In Vietnam The Turbulent Sixties Nixon Visits China Cold War America In The Seventies And Eighties The Evil Empire, Grenada, Nicaragua, And KAL Flight 007, And Post Cold War Policy, The Cold War Legacy.