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天駆ける咆哮 [Amakakeru Houkou] Naruto DjPairing Sasuke X Naruto1st Story There S A Strange Energy Floating Around Naruto But Nothing Seems To Be Out Of The Ordinary With Him Just When Naruto Goes To Bed And Wakes Up Inside His Head, Where He Finds A Door That Leads To A Stylish Room In Which Sasuke Waits For Him, The Situation Is Getting Serious.2nd Story On New Year S Eve Sasuke And Naruto Aren T Together Being The Hokage Naruto Has To Work And Sasuke Is On A Mission But Before He Left For His Mission, Sasuke And Naruto Had A Fight Which They Both Regret Now Sasuke Manages To Return Home Early And Finds Naruto On His Floor The Blond Went To A Party And Drank Too Much And Is Now Coming On To Sasuke.