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The Metaphysical Principles of the Infinitesimal Calculus Gue Non S Early And Abiding Interest In Mathematics, Like That Of Plato, Pascal, Leibnitz, And Many Other Metaphysicians Of Note, Runs Like A Scarlet Thread Throughout His Doctrinal Studies In This Late Text Published Just Five Years Before His Death, Gu Non Devotes An Entire Volume To Questions Regarding The Nature Of Limits And The Infinite With Respect To The Calculus Both As A Mathematical Discipline And As Symbolism For The Initiatic Path This Book Therefore Extends And Complements The Geometrical Symbolism He Employs In Other Works, Especially The Symbolism Of The Cross, The Multiple States Of The Being, And Symbols Of Sacred Science.According To Gue Non, The Concept Infinite Number Is A Contradiction In Terms Infinity Is A Metaphysical Concept At A Higher Level Of Reality Than That Of Quantity, Where All That Can Be Expressed Is The Indefinite, Not The Infinite But Although Quantity Is The Only Level Recognized By Modern Science, The Numbers That Express It Also Possess Qualities, Their Quantitative Aspect Being Merely Their Outer Husk Our Reliance Today On A Mathematics Of Approximation And Probability Only Further Conceals The Qualitative Mathematics Of The Ancient World, Which Comes To Us Most Directly Through The Pythagorean Platonic Tradition.Ren Gu Non 1886 1951 Was One Of The Great Luminaries Of The Twentieth Century, Whose Critique Of The Modern World Has Stood Fast Against The Shifting Sands Of Intellectual Fashion His Extensive Writings, Now Finally Available In English, Are A Providential Treasure Trove For The Modern Seeker While Pointing Ceaselessly To The Perennial Wisdom Found In Past Cultures Ranging From The Shamanistic To The Indian And Chinese, The Hellenic And Judaic, The Christian And Islamic, And Including Also Alchemy, Hermeticism, And Other Esoteric Currents, They Direct The Reader Also To The Deepest Level Of Religious Praxis, Emphasizing The Need For Affiliation With A Revealed Tradition Even While Acknowledging The Final Identity Of All Spiritual Paths As They Approach The Summit Of Spiritual Realization.