[Ebook] The Private Bodyguard (The Hot Zone, #4) By Debra Cowan – Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us

The Private Bodyguard (The Hot Zone, #4) Won T Marriage Interfere With Your Being Dead Dr Meredith Boren Goes To Her Lake House To Box Up Her Past A Past That Included Her Dead Ex Fiance, Gage Parrish But In The Middle Of The Night She Finds The Handsome Fire Investigator, Very Much Alive, Wounded And Bleeding At Her Kitchen Sink.Now As They Search For A Vengeful Arsonist, Gage Risks His Life Again To Protect The Woman He Still Loves And Although Meredith Is Tempted To Give Herself Over, Body And Soul, It Ll Take Than Gage Returning From The Dead For Her To Trust Him Again.