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The Balkan Trilogy Series Of Three Novels By Olivia Manning, First Published Together Posthumously In 1981 Consisting Of The Great Fortune 1960 , The Spoilt City 1962 , And Friends And Heroes 1965 , The Trilogy Is A Semiautobiographical Account Of A British Couple Living In The Balkans During World War II The Complex Narrative, Composed Of Several Different Voices, Is Noted For Its Vivid Historicity In The Great Fortune, Newlyweds Guy And Harriet Pringle Encounter An Increasingly Fascist Environment In Bucharest, Romania, In 1939 Guy Is A Gregarious University Lecturer Whose Liberal Views Contrast With Those Of His Reserved Wife Clarence Lawson Is A Colleague Of Guy Who Worships Him And Finds Harriet Attractive In The Spoilt City, Harriet Faces Marital Problems And Befriends Sasha Drucker, A Romanian Army Deserter, And Prince Yakimov, A Russian Emigre Just Before The Arrival Of German Troops In Bucharest, Guy Sends Harriet To Greece, Where They Are Reunited In Friends And Heroes Guy Acquires A Teaching Post And Becomes Involved In Communist Politics By The End Of The Novel, The Pringles Repair Their Marriage And Flee To Cairo, Where Their Story Is Continued In The Levant Trilogy