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The Neurology of Consciousness: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropathology Understanding Consciousness Is The Major Unsolved Problem In Biology One Increasingly Important Method Of Studying Consciousness Is To Study Disorders Of Consciousness, E.g Brain Damage And Disease States Leading To Vegetative States, Coma, Minimally Conscious States, Etc Many Of These Studies Are Very Much In The Public Eye Because Of Their Relationship To Controversies About Coma Patients E.g Terry Schiavo Case In The US Recently , And The Relationship To One Of The Major Philosophical, Sociological, Political, And Religious Questions Of Humankind.This Is The First Book To Summarize Our Current Understanding Of The Neuroanatomical And Functional Underpinnings Of Human Consciousness By Emphasizing A Lesional Approach Offered Via The Study Of Neurological Patients The Selected Contributors Are All Outstanding Authors And Undisputed Leaders In Their Field.New Chapters On The Neuroanatomical Basis Of Consciousness, Functional Intrinsic Brain Activity, Anesthesia, As Well As Expanded Coverage Of The Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome Vegetative State And The Minimally Conscious StateThe First Comprehensive, Authoritative Collection To Describe Disorders Of Consciousness And How They Are Used To Study And Understand The Neural Correlates Of Conscious Perception In HumansIncludes Revised And New Chapters From The Top International Researchers In The Field