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Emily Windsnap And The Castle In The Mist A Fin Tastic Follow Up To The Tail Of Emily Windsnap And Emily Windsnap And The Monster From The Deep Ever Since I Discovered I Was Part Mermaid, Nothing In My Life Has Been Simple So When I Spotted The Gigantic Diamond Ring On The Seabed, I Should Have Turned On My Tail And Swum Away I Most Definitely Shouldn T Have Put It On But How Was I Supposed To Know That The Ring Was One Half Of The Key To Unlocking An Ancient Curse A Curse Put In Place By Neptune Himself And Now Neptune Has Put A Curse On Me, Too In A Few Days, I Ll No Longer Be Half Human And Half Mermaid, And I Ll Have To Say Good Bye Forever To One Of My Parents Unless, With The Help Of A Mysterious Boy Named Aaron, I Can Find The Missing Ring And Break All Of The Curses At Once