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Look Away Silence Martin Powers Wanted An Ironing Board For Christmas Instead, He Got Matthew Kieler, A Non Returnable Gift, But A Gift That Kept On Giving Chance Encounters Are Sometimes The Ones That Most Change Our Lives He Sold Matt A Tie, But Got In The Bargain Than Most People Would Want And Than Anyone Deserved Although These Lovers May Not Have Had The Pink American Dream, They Had It Better Than Most, Even As They Faced A Crisis That Would Change Us All.Look Away Silence Is A Romance Set In The Time Of AIDS, When Ignorance Could Spell Trouble And Often Did It Encompasses The Author S Experiences In Volunteer Community Service And Personal Friendships During A Tragic Period In American History The Novel Is Dedicated To The Hyacinth AIDS Foundation, The NAMES Project And To The Author S Own Fallen Angels Mothers, Do Not Shun Your Children, Because You Never Know How Long You Have To Revel In Them PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS Review From Rainbow ReviewsThis Is An Intensely Emotional Story About A Young Couple That Falls In Love, Only To Face The AIDS Crisis Instead Of Matching Pink Rockers On The Porch At A Time When The Government Was Refusing To Acknowledge The Crisis And The Immortality Of Youth Cast A Protective Pall Over Young Gay Men, This Couple Must Cope With A Horrible Disease And The Ramifications Within Their Family And Larger Community A Very Intensely Moving Story That Packs An Incredible Punch, The Last Half Left Me Crying All The Way Through It And Beyond For Some Time This Is Not A Light Hearted Tale But Combines Several Important Themes And A Deeply Romantic And Fulfilling, Yet Heart Breaking Relationship That Will Resonate And Stay With The Reader For Some Time Martin Powers Meets Matt, A Shy Blue Eyed Cowboy On Christmas Eve And Although Martin Expects The Relationship To Barely Last To New Year S, It Turns Into A Permanent Partnership Their Happiness In Each Other Create A Small Bubble Around Their Love And World That Is All Too Soon Popped When The Horrible Specter Of Matt S Dead Lover And The Crisis Of AIDS Invades Their World All Of A Sudden Martin Is Confronted With Issues And Problems He Has Never Imagined And Struggles With The Intense Emotions That Come Along The Writing Is Instantly Engaging And Engrossing As Martin S Character Is Likable And Relatable The Pacing Is Well Done And The Book Is Incredibly Easy To Read, Even For All The Intense Emotion Elicited Martin Is A Wonderful Character As He Is First Introduced Through His Love Of Laundry And Cleaning Attachments Through His Surprising Affection And Love For A Small, Blue Eyed Cowboy That Loves Snow Martin S Maturity, Humor And Intelligence Are At Odds With His Young Age, Only Twenty Years Old Martin Is Not Perfect And Struggles Through The Story With His Jealousy, Fears, Manipulation, And Selfishness His Dysfunctional Childhood Has Changed The Way He Views Relationships And Although He Can Look Back On His Faults, He Makes Numerous Mistakes However, For All His Faults He Truly And Deeply Loves Matt And That Love Is Returned, Creating The First Solid And Meaningful Relationship Young Martin Has Ever Had As Martin Matures And Finds Strength And Courage Where He Fears None Exist, It S Easy To Forget That He Is Only Twenty Three By The End Of The Story, And Matt Was Only Twenty Five These Are Incredibly Young Men Who Should Have Been Able To Grow Old Together But Instead Live A Full, Loving Life As Best They Can Woven Into The Romance Between The Men Are Multiple Themes About The Gay Community And The Impact AIDS Has Upon The Country And Various Individuals Several Couples From Past Works By The Author Make Brief Cameos In This Story, Although The Focus Never Waivers From Martin And Matt.