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The Affirmation of Life Among All The Great Thinkers Of The Past Two Hundred Years, Nietzsche Continues To Occupy A Special Place Not Only For A Broad Range Of Academics But Also For Members Of A Wider Public, Who Find Some Of Their Most Pressing Existential Concerns Addressed In His Works Central Among These Concerns Is The Question Of The Meaning Of A Life Characterized By Inescapable Suffering, At A Time When The Traditional Responses Inspired By Christianity Are Increasingly Losing Their Credibility While Most Recent Studies Of Nietzsche S Works Have Lost Sight Of This Fundamental Issue, Bernard Reginster S Book The Affirmation Of Life Brings It Sharply Into Focus.Reginster Identifies Overcoming Nihilism As A Central Objective Of Nietzsche S Philosophical Project, And Shows How This Concern Systematically Animates All Of His Main Ideas In Particular, Reginster S Work Develops An Original And Elegant Interpretation Of The Will To Power, Which Convincingly Explains How Nietzsche Uses This Doctrine To Mount A Critique Of The Dominant Christian Values, To Overcome The Nihilistic Despair They Produce, And To Determine The Conditions Of A New Affirmation Of Life Thus, Reginster Attributes To Nietzsche A Compelling Substantive Ethical Outlook Based On The Notions Of Challenge And Creativity An Outlook That Involves A Radical Reevaluation Of The Role And Significance Of Suffering In Human Existence.Replete With Deeply Original Insights On Many Familiar And Frequently Misunderstood Nietzschean Concepts, Reginster S Book Will Be Essential To Anyone Approaching This Towering Figure Of Western Intellectual History.